Beard styles are very specific to the individuals face and beard made its techniques.

Here are a few beard maintenance and beard style tips that every man should be know.

First, the longer your hair is the better it looks, so when combing your hair trying to comb in the direction that your hair grows.  This helps to keep strain and stress to a minimal amount and helps lower hair breakage and follicles damage.  Make sure to have a clear view of all the beard styles available and keep in mind what to do to achieve it and always focus while you were trimming and combing.  If you require shaving of cheekbones or below necklines make sure to do this regularly and before using your trimmer.  If you find hairs you’re uncomfortable with wait at least a week before you trim them because some hairs than when you when they get longer will a flat and often times fill in holes that help your beard look thicker and fuller, just take your time it will be a benefit in the end.  Here is a good source for some beard styles

When you decide your beard length make sure you purchase the trimmer guard and sent it to that length.  Hair grows at different rates so as you continue to trim up your beard actually gets fuller has the slower growing hairs to chop with your trimmer you have the luxury of shaving with or against the grain often times you will need to do both to do an effective shaving.

When you finally determined where your beard line is I can remove the trimmer guard attachment and either shave upper down beginning right at the beard line and softly resting it against your skin to get perfect and sharp line.  Make sure practice extreme care and caution because beard trimmers are very capable of cutting your skin and ruining months worth of growing.

If you simply enjoy the stubble look any trimmer with a short attachment can achieve this look by simply going up and down your face with the trimmer guard attached until are all hairs reach the lights desired.  The same effect as earlier can happen where the longer you keep that style of fuller to look as slow growing hairs have an opportunity to catch up.

If you have A beard trimmer capable of being used in the shower we recommend that you still shave dry.  Water often times make sure hair point in different directions or become softer than it would be dry and this can lead to patchy and sometimes awkward looking beards.  As always is extremely important that you do wash and shampoo your beard and as far as conditioner stay away from store-bought hair conditioners.  Beard oil exists because it is denser and does a more effective job.  Most individuals find if they use conditioner made for that hair that they will have split ends or rattlesnake nests develop and their beards and at the point that it is too late they’re forced to shave and start a whole new beard.  Often times individuals will also find dry skin leads to flakes in their beards.  The easiest solution is to mix 30% dandruff shampoo with a sensitive skin shampoo and use that for your beard.

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