Google Chromebook – Business and Education Overview

The Chromebook Is Ahead Of Its Time and First In Class

A Chromebook is just like a laptop but smaller, with a few key differences. It is thinner, and to the naked eye doesn’t seem to have an OS (operating system). That’s right, there’s no obvious operating system. Of course there is one, else the Chromebook wouldn’t work, but there’s no Start Menu or anything else that you recognize as part of your operating system. All you get here is a dolled up login screen and a browser. I guess it’s true that great things come in small packages
Although the Chromebook is Google’s idea, the included browser is obviously Chrome. This isn’t a bad thing, especially since Chrome’s userbase is growing at an alarming rate. Also, Chrome’s focus on speed and overall performance benefits low powered devices (which still sports a dual-core Intel Atom processor).

And then there were two…it’s just you and the Chromebook with just Chrome on it. Keep in mind that this isn’t meant to replace all your computers, it’s just a great replacement for netbooks and laptops for those who just use the Internet.

So there you have it in a nutshell. Thanks for taking the time to read about The Chromebook.

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