Google | GoMo Helps Businesses Go Mobile

Google | GoMo Helps Businesses Go Mobile

Thanks To GoMo Businesses Have New Life


Well it looks like Google’s at it again, bringing new and innovative products to the marketplace to help local businesses breath again with GoMo. Having a mobile presence is essential for any small or local business, considering the amount of users on Smartphones these days.

Thanks to new online device created by Google called GoMo local business can see what their current website looks like on Smartphones. GoMo also helps you identify how to make your site more mobile friendly for a better user experience.
Society is changing and so is the way we do everyday business. By as early as next year the majority of America’s population is projected to be using smartphones for web purposes instead of PCs. Local businesses should strongly consider making their websites mobile compatible if they want to continue to sustain themselves and have a fair chance to grow. It’s important to understand that although Smartphone users are able to search locate your website on their phone doesn’t mean its mobile friendly. Making your site mobile friendly will attract more customers who are on-the-go and in need of your business which will ultimately translate into revenue.

If you have a local business and a website for your business, I highly suggest mobilizing your site. Educate yourself on how mobile friendly your site is so you can know what to improve. GoMo has a cool measuring tool called Gomometer that allows you to check this. Gomometer is absolutely free, so there’s no excuse not to test out your site.

So get out there and get crackin’ and gives Google’s GoMo a try. Mobilize your site and give your business the best gift of all…growth.

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